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There are mainly two reasons for head problems of laser devices depending on the excimer laser gas used:

1- Excimer laser gas is not sufficiently pure: In this case, the optics may be contaminated early due to moisture, oxygen, etc. contained in the excimer laser gas which can only be at the level of particul per million (ppm).

In some cases, even Helium gases can be used in excimer laser devices, with PPM level of 0.001% and purity of 99.999% for foreign particles in these gases.

The purity ratio of NOVA GAS PRODUCTS you use in your devices is 99.9999%. So the purity level of NOVA GAS is 10 times more than that of Helium gas.

2- The amount of gases in the mixture: In excimer laser gases, the mixture is composed of various noble (inert) gases and flour (F2) gas mixture. The mixing ratio of inert gases is usually over 2%. The rate of F2 changes between 0.1% and 0.3%. The error can be around maximum 0.1%. In such a situation, this mixture will show itself with the change in energy, beam profile or sound when you first fire with the device. In addition, if you replace the cylinder and plug in the suitable gas, it will (most likely) continue to function properly after gas exchange and will not damage your device.

The maximum deviation of F2 in the mixtures of various gases that are produced by NOVA Gas for each device is between 0.0001 and 0.0002.

After all, we will assure you that using NOVA GAS PRODUCTS on your excimer laser device will not cause any problems.